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Monday, October 25, 2010

Rep. GK Butterfield (NC-1) and Obama- Creating and Wielding the Tool of Broken Consent....


It is easy to understand why a representative responds to the will of the people. It is their job to do so. They have the consent of those they represent. If they fail at their jobs, they loose that consent and they loose their jobs. Simple.

There are times, though, when this does not apply and a representative can vote against the will of the governed without feeling the repercussions of the people. One is when the representative is retiring. The other is when the representative knows they will loose the next election anyway. Obama, Pelosi and Reid recognized this as a tool, perhaps not from the beginning, but definitely toward the end of the Obamacare battle.

This is where we find ourselves currently. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have brutalized their own party beyond all imagination with a never-give-up push for ObamaCare. Democrat poll numbers fell commensurately . Many members, recognizing they had already lost the consent of the the governed, no longer saw a downside to voting against the wishes of those they represented. The others, who were retiring, followed a similar calculus and found it easy to vote against the wishes of the people as well.

As a result ObamaCare passed due to the loss of consent of the people governed. In a real way, it passed with the deliberate use of broken consent. Representatives like GK Butterfield joined Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in the use of this tool when they lent their vote to Obamacare.

With the passage of ObamaCare amid unpopularity and questions of process, the power of the Obama, Pelosi, Reid tool of broken consent only grew stronger. Unfortunately, though, they will retain the power of broken consent until January and this country will have to endure votes on, Cap and Trade, Amnesty, and possibly a VAT tax to fund the supposedly debt shrinking ObamaCare -- -- Possibly passing some of this nonsense in a lame-duck session.

Below is a diagram describing the implementation of policy that is not supported by the people, thus difficult to push through. Unfortunately the diagram below does not include ObamaCare, all the same, the diagram exemplifies governance through broken consent.
This is akin to tyranny and Rush's use of the term regime is sadly accurate. Any and all representatives who lend their votes to bills rejected by the people, that then go on to pass through the use of broken consent, should loose office at the first opportunity.

Lets move beyond GK Butterfield in November for his unconscionable support of ObamaCare and tyrannical use of broken consent to foist ObamaCare on the American people.


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