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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rep. Bob Etheridge's (NC-2) Self Serving Vision for Health-Care...


It is a vision in which the recipients of health-care become a cost and government becomes the customer, a system in which the health-care industry grovels at the feet of the source of its funding - bureaucrats, while the infirmed wait in line for the chance to beg for the health-care they paid recalcitrant bureaucrats for.

Bob Etheridge's vision of better health-care inserts himself between my doctor and myself through insurance companies.

Eventually, though, the nation will question the existence of the insurance companies and the end result will be the NHS, England's government health-care. Via dailymail.com:

Earlier this year the Government's rationing body said more cuts in medical treatments are planned to save the NHS at least £600million.

Patients could find it harder to get into hospital under plans from the National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence, which advises on drugs and procedures to be funded.
Bob Etheridges vision for Health-Care in the US is to fully break the bond between health-care customer and health-care provider, so that he, governance embodied, will be the one the infirmed come to when in need. He has no medical degree, has taken no Hippocratic oath, yet his governance will be the source of our health-care.

Imagine our need, imagine Bob Etheridge's influence, imagine our lack of recourse...

Health-care has to be paid for out of our pockets. Either it goes directly from our pockets to the health-care industry, or it goes in to the hands of governance then to the health-care industry. The question is...is it more efficient for us to give our dollars directly to those who wish to provide us with a service and retain the power we have as a customer over a provider, than to give those dollars and influence to Bob Etheridge, and be left groveling at his feet when we fear services may be cut.

Bob Etheridge's vision for health-care increases Bob Etheridge's influence while decreasing ours, it strengthens government while weakening America. Under Bob Etheridge's vision Europe's socialist failure will be ours.


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