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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Democrat Congresses = Budget Deficits - Fire Rep. Brad Miller, Rep. Bob Etheridge, Rep. GK Butterfield, Rep David Price, Rep Mel Watt...


With the fact that we are going to the polls this Tuesday and all house seats are up for grabs it is wise to understand that it is the house that controls the nation's budget.

There are not "Clinton Surpluses"; Newt's congress forced the surpluses on him, neither are there "Bush Deficits" as Pelosi forced the majority of deficits on him during his final two years. Presidents do not control the nation's purse, congress does. Allowing this meme, that presidents have surpluses and deficits, only decreases accountability.

There are, in fact, Republican Congressional Surpluses and Perpetual Democrat Congressional deficits.

It is in this nation's interest to know which party is the party of fiscal responsibility and which party does not understand that Keynesian Theory is a failure.

[Graph via gatewaypundit, but altered]

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