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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A D.A. Who Understands the Second Amendment...


In Monroe NC on the 24th of June, a 23 year old man was killed by two clerks while attempting to rob Sunny Food Mart. It was deemed self defense.

Union County District Attorney John Snyder had this to say:

“The honest, hard-working families that operate small businesses must be free from the fear of being robbed," Snyder said in a statement. "Those that choose to rob should be filled with fear that they will suffer the same fate as the deceased. In Union County, we have a no-return policy on armed robbery."

[Emphasis added]

Polifrog suspects that the recent findings on the second amendment by the Supreme Court may have loosened the D.A.'s tongue a bit.

As it should be.


Brad Miller (D-NC) -- Political Preening With HR 5409...


Brad Miller is pushing a bill (HR 5409) to guarantee construction loans when the market is already saturated with product.

It you want to buy a home, it is a great time to do so considering the low interest rates, the glut of inventory and battered home prices. All this is true without Brad Miller's help. Few are buying, though. The market is saying "no!" to new construction, but Brad Miller, ignoring the economic weather, sees a chance to make it appear he is helping America by making construction loans cheaper with an end result of pushing more product on a recalcitrant market.

It is your money folks; it is your debt; it is the debt of your progeny that Brad Miller wants to spend on his appearance in HR 5409.

According to Brad Miller,

We can’t tell 16% of the [Gross Domestic Product] to just hang around and wait for a while, says Miller, referring to the housing industry and its economic output.

Unfortunately, more waiting is just what we will have to do with policies like Brad Miller's.

The market needs to correct for overbuilding and Brad Miller's HR 5409 will only serve to lengthen the time it takes to correct.

Polifrog is a home builder and is tired of waiting for the market to return. Please, Brad Miller, stop tying to reinflate a construction bubble, stop your political preening and let us take our lumps so we can move forward.


Of course, government should not take the money in the first place...

Why force the inefficiencies of Taxes on the American economy then run the money through the inefficiencies of governance only to give it back again.

The amateurishness of it all leaves one's head spinning.

Brad Miller, a grade school economist.


Pete Stark Raving Mad....


If you want to know what leftists think, listen to the representatives from safe districts:

As unAmerican as Brad Miller's self drawn district is, Brad Miller, at least, has the sense to shut-up.


Potter Hallows Teaser...


The Poliwogs have enjoyed the Potter series, so here you are guys:


Some Light Listening -- John "David" Khan


Kay Hagan...Just As Much a Biggot as Trent Lott...


Will Kay Hagan get the Trent Lott treatment for atta-boys? This statement comes directly from the Kay Hagan site.

In his more than half century in the Senate, Robert Byrd was a devoted public servant, skillful orator and champion of the chamber. His knowledge of Senate rules and procedures was masterful. Soon after I was elected, I had the privilege of presiding over the Senate with Senator Byrd on the floor. I told him of my deep admiration for his service. My thoughts and prayers are with the Byrd family.

She must have been referring to his KKK past too as there was no qualification.

double standards and hypocrisy


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Double Standards Expose a Shifting Overton Window and Who Has Its Control....


Over the past century our nation has slipped toward statism in a plodding, almost deliberate manor. This is a result of what Polifrog has referred to in the past as the slipping pivot. Social mores, and acceptable political thought, and so forth shift over time, then shift back. At one time the flash of an ankle is considered vulgar while at another time sting bikinis are acceptable, then later the flash of a knee may become vulgar. The pendulum swings. Polifrog contends that that pendulum swings from a slipping pivot and that that pivot has been slipping left fot 150 years.

The Overton Window has become the common term for this concept.

This excerpt from Instapundit and credited to Sung Chun Kim points to an answer as to who currently controls the Overtom Widow.

Meanwhile, reader Sung Chun Kim writes:

Why is no one calling for the outing of the 400 JournoList members and an investigation of whether there were any other attempts to collude and to coordinate the media narrative? Is no else as disturbed by this as I am? We’re constantly told that the media are special, that they’re the Fourth Estate, and that their proper functioning is vital to the health of the Republic. Well, is no one else profoundly disturbed that no one is watching the watchers? Or that the watchers are actually colluding in a virtual smoke-filled back room to massage and frame the narrative?

Imagine if a conservative listserv were discovered, and that it included Rupert Murdoch and 400 conservative pundits and journalists. Imagine if it were disclosed that the participants actively discussed coordination in framing stories so as to benefit the Republican Party. Do you think there would be a ho hum “Oh, it was just a private list” response? Of course not, the liberals would be howling to the rafters about the existential threat to the Republic.

So why all the frivolity here? Even now, the Weigel story is breaking down into stupid distractions like whether Weigel actually wished death on Drudge, or whether people on a listserv have an expectation of privacy. Seriously, why is that even remotely important compared to the fact that 400 of this nation’s most prominent journalists and pundits were having discusions about killing or promoting stories based on whether they hurt the Democratic Party agenda? If there is any justice or sanity in this world, this should be bigger than ClimateGate. I want to see an archive of the JournoList postings and then compare them to any contemporaneous stories written by participants. Once that is done, we can tar and feather the bastards for betraying their profession and the people of this country.

JournoList is an example of Overton Window control and that that control extends beyond JounoList. There is no outcry over JournoListers. The double standard is clear when considering a hypothetical conservative JournoList. Imagine the outcry under those conditions. Double standards are often the result of a shifting Overton Window.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Channellock--Out With Caftsman...


From William S. Dearment President and CEO of Channellock,

I recently wrote about the ongoing lack of leadership in our country.

Nothing new to report, yet...
We continue to be driven by unknowing, no "skin-in-the-game," income-redistributing, progressive-spendthrift members of Congress and White House staff. They have no respect for the private sector, for manufacturing or for our country.

It is a shame our corporations are so liberal-weenie whipped that they find safety in silence. Our more liberal corporations are vocally liberal; so should it be for our more conservative corporations. None should be silenced, yet it has become taboo to give voice to conservative thought outside politics.

A damaged nation we are that we find such double standards acceptable.


A year ago today...

we left camp early to visit the Hoover Dam before the heat set in,

we were unsuccessful in avoiding the heat,

but the polifamily did get to see the new bridge under construction at an interesting time,

then we all looked at classic cars in Caesar's Palace,

some looked like bats to the Poliwogs,

and Ian found exhaustion.


Brad Miller's Keynesian Dead End...


Polifrog scoffed at the much vaunted Keynesian Economic Theory by UNC-CH professors as a student in economics.

It seemed to Polifrog that any theory that proposed that savings was detrimental to the economy and that also proposed a mystical "multiplier effect" when government spends our hard earned dollars, was little more than a politician's wet dream.

The WSJ, of course expands on the Keynesian Dead end.

Brad Miller (D) of NC-13 revels in the rationalization for his policies that is granted him when basing his arguments on Keynesian economics. It is Keynesian Economic Theory that brings forth Obamacare and all other unnecessary federal spending on the grounds that it is cheaper for the federal government to spend a citizens dollars than for the citizen to spend their dollars . Reality says otherwise time and again. Keynesian Economics failed in the 30's, failed in the 70's is failing in Europe now, and will fail here too.

There is a reality out there and it ain't Keynesian.


Where the Debt is...


Via instapundit,

The Economist gives us an interactive debt map of the world.


Friday, June 25, 2010

A year ago today...

the family lollygagged after wakeing in the cool of the spring mountains,

we drove the 30 minutes down to
the Vegas strip and found
the statue of liberty,

and a hot lost walk worried our car would be towed,

but that did not last long as
the kids had already made
friends back at the campground.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

A year ago tday...

polifrog and family warmed breakfast
in Cedar Breaks National Monument,

grabbed morning pics of poliwog Trey,

played in the flowers,

visited the overlook one last
time for a morning pic,

stumbled onto a Model T,

actually, we stumbled into a
2 mile high convention,

entered Zion National Park,

enjoyed canyon views from a bus window,

poliwog Ian posed,

the poliwogs waded in the river,

poliwog Trey explored,

while poliwog Ian conquered,

found a critter on a rock,

left Zion,

took an impressive interstate into Vegas,

and saw a tower on the Vegas strip.


Brad Miller (NC-13) Believes Some Free Speech to be More Free Than Others (legislating inequality)...


The Supreme Court decided in Citizens United in favor of a strengthened 1st. amendment for all.

believes political speech to be sacred whether it spills from the mouths of politicians, individuals, or corporations. We all have a stake in governance as it can impact us with the cold hand of intolerant, unrestrained bureaucracy. Being able to influence government goes to the heart of our representative system. Ours is a government that derives its power from the governed but Brad Miller it seems would prefer that some have influence while other do not.

Today, Brad Miller(D) has proven he believes in weakened free speech for some and has lent his vote (NC-13's vote) toward, the Disclose Act, which seeks to blunt the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. This is a blatant slap in the face of free speech and it has been done behind locked bathroom doors. According to The Daily Caller,

... the key architect of the bill, said June 15, “Our key objective in responding to the Supreme Court’s radical ruling in Citizens United has been to increase transparency and disclosure, and the final bill achieves that goal.

Interestingly for a transparency bill, the process of writing it was kept secret, even from key Democrats.

As in Obamacare, Brad Miller seems willing to lend his vote to any bill written outside the light of day as long as it passes power to government while weakening the governed.

Secondly, according to Slate the Citizens United decision had been on its way for some time as indicated by a previous case,

...FEC v. Wisconsin Right to Life. That case, which interpreted the same provision of the same law as Citizens United, held that corporate and union ads were constitutionally protected so long as they did not explicitly endorse or oppose candidates. The difference now is that corporations and unions can tell you directly who to vote for.

The Disclose Act which is supported by Brad Miller attempts to silence corporations while cutting out loopholes for Unions. Again from The Daily Caller,

...restrictions on companies that received government bailouts during the financial crisis apply to businesses, but not unions: Under the DISCLOSE Act, General Motors can’t tell you who to vote for, but the United Auto Workers union can.

Yes, it is Brad Miller's vision that some have freer speech than others. Brad Miller, once again proving himself incredibly un-American in legislating inequality.

Let's hope this bill fails in the Senate.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remains of 72 Victims Found ... While Still Cleaning Ground Zero?


Polifrog is aware that reconstruction continues amid a web of political hurdles but are they really still clearing the debris?

Via a publication outside the United States, Telegraph.co.uk:

The sifting of more than 800 cubic yards (612 cubic meters) of debris recovered from ground zero and underneath roads around the lower Manhattan site began in April and ended Friday.

The greatest number of remains – 37 – were found from material underneath West Street, a highway on the west side of ground zero. The new debris was uncovered as construction work made new parts of the site accessible.

Still Cleaning? Almost a decade later and we are still cleaning? How has it become that this is possible in this country. And how is it that this news has to come to us from abroad? This country has lost something fundamental in its ability to get things done.

Polifrog weeps for this outrageous embarrassment.


A year ago today...

the poliwogs explored Oak Creek Campground while waiting for breakfast,

the parents broke camp,

took in the beauty of an overlook with a biker,

unexpectedly stumbled into driving the spine of if a ridge into the Escalante Canyons,

stopped to view the path taken,

walked along a river hunting rocks,

did not leave Panguitch, Utah by way of HWY 89,

played in some mid summer snow,

enjoyed a Poliwife favorite, Cedar Breaks National Monument,

and set up camp in the Cedar Breaks Campground,


More Keynesian Fail as Government Incentives End on Homes --- Brad Miller Cosponsored a Bill for More of the Same...



New-home sales in May fell from April to a seasonally adjusted annual sales pace of 300,000, the government said Wednesday. That was the slowest sales pace on records dating back to 1963. And it's the largest monthly drop on record. Sales have now sunk 78 percent from their peak in July 2005.

Analysts were startled by the depth of the sales drop.

"We all knew there would be a housing hangover from the expiration of the tax credit," wrote Mike Larson, real estate and interest rate analyst at Weiss Research. "But this decline takes your breath away."

[emphasis mine]

yet Brad Miller (NC-13) cosponsored a bill (HR-5297) to help builders construct more homes to the tune of 30bil dollars. The market is saying no to more homes.

Brad Miller, pushing failure.


Obama: More European than the Euros and Maybe Even Brad Miller...


First Germany turns their backs on Obama, now the Brits do as well.

Obama wedded to an ideology contined his Keynesian push,
Obama urged the world's leading economies Friday to avoid scaling back government spending too quickly or risk derailing the global recovery.

The warning - a clear shot at European governments reining in budget deficits - comes after months of worry about the health of the eurozone, fuelled by huge public debts in Greece and Spain.

Angela Merkel's wisely ignored Obama.

Referring to the G20 summit in Canada next weekend, Merkel said in a videotaped message that "we are going to discuss when to quit the phase of short-term measures and go on to lasting budget consolidation."

Such a move was "urgently necessary, in the view of the Europeans and particularly of Germany," she said.

Now the Brits have ignored Obama,
Mr. Osborne's budget is the latest to depart from the short-lived Keynesian consensus that government can spend its way back to prosperity.


George Osborne presented the U.K. government's emergency budget yesterday, with spending cuts and consumption-tax hikes intended to shrink public borrowing to 1.1% of GDP by 2016, down from 10.1% of GDP this year. Nearly 80% of that retrenchment comes as spending cuts rather than tax increases. The Chancellor of the Exchequer's cuts are, on balance, good news for the British economy.

It would be refreshing if we in the US could follow suit and ignore Obama, but Polifrog would settle for a bout of fiscal common sense to roll across American governance.

Keynesian economics theory, crack for government spenders like Brad Miller (NC-13).


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Polifrog Thanks Bernie Reeves...


...for vetting Bill Randall far beyond anything Obama endured from the national press.

Bernie Reeves, doing the job the press will not.

Thank you, Bernie.


Bill Randall Wins (NC-13) Runoff...


According to WWRL...

With 78% reporting


Now comes the real work. Brad Miller.
Polifrog has plans for this beyond a trifling blog.

Lastly, many thanks should go out to Bernie Reeves for vetting Bill Randall far beyond anything Obama endured from the national press.

Final Vote totals

Bill Randall..............3788........59%
Bernie Reeves..........2639........41%

................................6427 total votes is a poor showing even for a runoff.


Randall vs Reeves Runoff Returns - as of 7:55 PM -


U.S. House District 13 GOP - Runoff
59 of 196 precincts - 30%

William Randall, GOP.....1,960 ..... 60%

Bernie Reeves, GOP.......1,285 ..... 40%


A year ago today...

Polifrog and family awoke in a Polifrog favorite, Natural Bridges National Monument,

took a photo of Natural Bridges from Bears Ears,

posed between Bears Ears,

hunted for fossilized wood and other cool rocks,

crossed the Colorado River,

were surprised by Glenn Canyon's other-world feel,

found a stop-n-rob in a rock,

stopped to view the Fremont Indian
petroglyphs that chronicled
their spacesuit trials,

but only after stumbling into Capital Reef National Park,

got an awesome site next to a creek at
Oak Creek Campground in
the Dixie National Forest,

and cleaned and photographed our rock/fossil pickings for the day.


Monday, June 21, 2010

(NC-13) Runoff Prediction - Bill Randall , Bernie Reeves


Bill Randall and Bernie Reeves have been pitted against one another due to NC election rules that trigger a runoff between the top two vote receivers if no candidate clears the required 40% minimum.

There have been two debates. One attended by the public and one televised. Both were reviewed by Polifrog here and here. The first was quite cordial while the second was significantly more contentious due to Reeves' series of attacks, a tactic the Reeves Campaign began to employ after the first debate. As a result the past month has seen a series of fair criticisms punctuated by character attacks on Bill Randall by Bernie Reeves. In both debates Reeves showed either flashes of anger (to guffaws in the crowd) or moments of clear frustration.

By contrast, there have been no attacks on Reeves by Randall and no anger or frustration expressed by Randall. Polifrog, though, has become concerned with Randall's over reliance on pat, seemingly memorized answers to questions, while at the same time often stumbling through answers to questions that are outside the normal pap candidates endure. A perfect example of this was Randall's recent flap over what the press characterized as an accusation of collusion between BP and the Government to cause the Gulf oil spill. Of course, Randall made no such accusation. His fumbling through his answer, though, allowed for an easy twisting of his words into something he did not intend.

Reeves has many traditional strengths. Money (as compared to Randall), old establishment experience in Carter Wrenn, and what Polifrog believes is an often overlooked support in the local press due to Reeves' long history as a part of the journalism business in Raleigh. This strength was best employed by Biesecker in his spin on the Randall BP/Government collusion statements as pointed out by Polifrog here.

Randall's strengths are fewer but perhaps more influential. He seems to have the excitement of the people at his back. Polifrog has watched this excitement daily through google alerts which admittedly became biased after Randall's BP statements, but prior to which Randall dominated in terms of hits. Not only does he have the excitement of the people, but he has history at his back as well. It seems a new type of republican is sweeping into office due to the disappointment that was the republican congress during the Bush years and the shock of the Obama agenda. Reeves seems, fairly or unfairly, tied to that disappointing congress under Bush while Randall has successfully tied himself to the energized Tea Party movement.

For these reasons Polifrog calls it, and not without reservation, for Bill Randall.

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NC Runoffs


It is unlikely many of you will need this information, but NC runoffs are tomorrow.


A year ago today...

Polifrog family broke camp early,

enjoyed the quacking aspens we camped under,

poliwog Ian picked flowers for his mom,

we took one last picture of of Monticello, Utah at the foot of our mountain,

another picture was taken from the
back side of our mountain of
Canyonlands National Park,

entered Canyonlands National Park,

played on some Canyonlands rocks,

spotted some cool swiss cheese,

found some bacteria infested soil at
Natural Bridges National Monument,

hiked down to Sipapu Bridge,

then back out,

made long fellow shadows,

and said goodnight.