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Friday, August 31, 2012

Is the Right to Life Extremist?


A quick thought experiment:

One would rightly be considered an extremist if they held that their property rights superseded the liberty of others to the point that human ownership were viable. I believe polls would reflect that extremism as I doubt few currently hold that view.

But would the same individual be an extremist in 1850? I believe so. There are timeless truths and a belief in human ownership runs counter to them. However, polls, had they been possible, would not have reflected that extremism in 1850. The result is that our extremist slave holder was able to hide their extremism behind the skirt of extremist polls.

Today we see the same dynamic.

Instead of one's property rights superseding the rights of another to the point of their enslavement, a group of Americans believe one's privacy rights supersede the rights of another to the point of their death. Like the slaveholders of a previous era this group hides its extremism behind the skirt of extremist polls.

Polls are clearly not the tool by which we may divine extremism.

Extremism can, therefore, only be measured against a fundamental principle.

To conclude, it is arguably the case that extremists are sometimes those who turn their backs on fundamental principles so as to run with the herd rather than those few who choose stand with truth.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feining Outrage Over the Regognition That Assault May Hinder Conception>>>


It is interesting that those who claim there is virtue in abortion do not believe that assault, battery and rape (legitimate rape?) may hinder conception.

When we step back and ask ourselves whether a battered woman is more or less likely to conceive, the answer should be obvious. Yet we are told that the obvious answer is wrong, that in as far as conception is concerned a little assault and battery is just fine.

The truth that there is no virtue in abortion and defending that which is without virtue leads to vice. In this case that vice is a tolerance toward assault and battery best expressed in the reaction toward Akin's apparent view that assault and battery negatively affect woman.

So here we are with a man who rejects liberal vice but is being torn down by pro abortionists seeking to not only defend abortion but score points politically by feigning outrage over the recognition that assault may hinder conception.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visit Mars in a 360 degree Photo....

Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2 in New Mexico out

How to Eat a Watermelon Complete With a Fork Cartel Reference...



Ryan, A Washingtonian Figure....


In shifting to a newer, larger entitlement program that holds the promise of long-term liberal influence, ObamaCare, liberal progressive Democrats have chosen to cannibalize another smaller entitlement program, Medicare.

The Paul Ryan debate following his VP selection has brought this to light much to the surprise of many Democrats who had grown accustomed to easy demagoguery regarding Medicare. As a result many of our retirees have come to realize that Democrats are no longer working in their interest, but rather in the interest of enhanced party influence via ObamaCare.

Comparatively Paul Ryan comes across as a Washingtonian figure as he attempts to not only traverse, but narrow the fiscal gulf between  sound national budgeting and unaffordable obligations, a gulf that Democrats hasten to widen.

And this is the increasingly palpable fear that has overcome many Democrats who have failed to define Ryan in their own terms, that when an individual works in the service of America while others threaten her fiscal continuance there is only one choice, and that is the one whose vision narrows the Delaware in the service of everyone's interest.


Monday, August 6, 2012

The NASA Folks are Looking Happy on the NASA Feed...


Things must have gone well with the Mars landing.


We Won't Support Chick-Fil-A With Our Dollars, but You Must Fund Abortion With Yours...


American Thinker:

So while the Tea Party advances small-government principles, wanting to leave citizens free to make their own decisions and reap the benefits or suffer the consequences accordingly, the left pursues a system of big-government command and control. They then turn around and accuse the small-government Christian Tea Partiers of attempting to impose a theocracy in America, when it is the left's plan that is often indistinguishable from theocratic rule.

So true.

Take for example the Chick-Fil-A fun we had recently.  Liberals gladly pushed others to forgo CFA  and  attempted boycotts like 'Eat Les Chiken'.  Surly many chose not to support CFA so as to not fund revenue steams they found immoral.  That is their right.

But what of those folks who do not wish to indulge revenue streams that fund birth control or abortifacients? Even while  reveling in their right to not engage in an activity that funds what they deem immoral, liberals are fine with forcing others to engage in activity those others deem immoral.

Odder still  was that as soon as government inserted itself in the CFA argument via various mayors threatening CFA., much of the  left deserted those mayors.  Why?

The left seemed perfectly willing to use the coercive powers of government to fund abortion.

Why didn't the left support the mayors against CFA?
I believe the reason that many liberals did not lend support to those mayors who proposed  bullying the pious is that such actions have yet to be sanctified by governance in the way that governance has moralized the outright unconstitutional coercion of the religious by way of codified law otherwise known as ObamaCare.

Thus, forcing the religious to support an immoral stream of revenue is just fine for liberals. But when government attempts to force the religious to shut up without having first sanctified the nightstick used, well Rahm and the other mayors were forced to backtrack from immoral behavior that had yet been moralized by state  codification.

These are a theocratic bunch, these  progressive, liberal, Democrats  who have effectively handed the power to moralize to governance, but then, what other result could be expected when religion is forced from the public square?


Friday, August 3, 2012

Europe's Greatest Gift...


What is culture?

Well, it is not people applauding by snapping their fingers or rattling their jewelry.

And it need not be defined along  national borders, but at this point it generally is. It is that evolutionary set of beliefs based on faith or lack thereof as well as that set of reasoned intellectual knowledge accumulated by mankind that a society chooses to embrace.

At one point in the not too distant past some societies did not have a choice regarding the inclusion of mankind's accumulated knowledge in their societies. In the extreme some isolated societies' only accumulated knowledge was that which they had learned and retained on their own. There was no complete reservoir of accumulated knowledge for them to pick and choose from in the formation of their culture.

This gave rise to the intersection of cultures displaced in time. Europeans, for example, often clashed with Stone Age aboriginal cultures in which the only advantage Stone Age cultures had were their numbers. Europeans, in contrast had a near complete body of human knowledge (for the era) at their disposal.

Over the past five centuries the existence of such massive knowledge gaps between cultures and across humanity have vanished in what is arguably the greatest unrecognized gift of fairness humanity has ever been granted  -- access for all to the near totality of hard earned empirical and often spiritual knowledge of mankind. This resulted in the greatest levelings between the disparate cultures of the world mankind has ever known. Cultures effectively traveled in time.


An Extremely Vocal Extreme Minority...


When a group makes up some 3% of the population it is not wise to choose a form of solidarity only that minority is comfortable with. 

News  Record:
Chick-fil-A kiss-in's today in the Triad? Not that we've found