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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feining Outrage Over the Regognition That Assault May Hinder Conception>>>


It is interesting that those who claim there is virtue in abortion do not believe that assault, battery and rape (legitimate rape?) may hinder conception.

When we step back and ask ourselves whether a battered woman is more or less likely to conceive, the answer should be obvious. Yet we are told that the obvious answer is wrong, that in as far as conception is concerned a little assault and battery is just fine.

The truth that there is no virtue in abortion and defending that which is without virtue leads to vice. In this case that vice is a tolerance toward assault and battery best expressed in the reaction toward Akin's apparent view that assault and battery negatively affect woman.

So here we are with a man who rejects liberal vice but is being torn down by pro abortionists seeking to not only defend abortion but score points politically by feigning outrage over the recognition that assault may hinder conception.


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