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Friday, August 3, 2012

Europe's Greatest Gift...


What is culture?

Well, it is not people applauding by snapping their fingers or rattling their jewelry.

And it need not be defined along  national borders, but at this point it generally is. It is that evolutionary set of beliefs based on faith or lack thereof as well as that set of reasoned intellectual knowledge accumulated by mankind that a society chooses to embrace.

At one point in the not too distant past some societies did not have a choice regarding the inclusion of mankind's accumulated knowledge in their societies. In the extreme some isolated societies' only accumulated knowledge was that which they had learned and retained on their own. There was no complete reservoir of accumulated knowledge for them to pick and choose from in the formation of their culture.

This gave rise to the intersection of cultures displaced in time. Europeans, for example, often clashed with Stone Age aboriginal cultures in which the only advantage Stone Age cultures had were their numbers. Europeans, in contrast had a near complete body of human knowledge (for the era) at their disposal.

Over the past five centuries the existence of such massive knowledge gaps between cultures and across humanity have vanished in what is arguably the greatest unrecognized gift of fairness humanity has ever been granted  -- access for all to the near totality of hard earned empirical and often spiritual knowledge of mankind. This resulted in the greatest levelings between the disparate cultures of the world mankind has ever known. Cultures effectively traveled in time.


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