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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ryan, A Washingtonian Figure....


In shifting to a newer, larger entitlement program that holds the promise of long-term liberal influence, ObamaCare, liberal progressive Democrats have chosen to cannibalize another smaller entitlement program, Medicare.

The Paul Ryan debate following his VP selection has brought this to light much to the surprise of many Democrats who had grown accustomed to easy demagoguery regarding Medicare. As a result many of our retirees have come to realize that Democrats are no longer working in their interest, but rather in the interest of enhanced party influence via ObamaCare.

Comparatively Paul Ryan comes across as a Washingtonian figure as he attempts to not only traverse, but narrow the fiscal gulf between  sound national budgeting and unaffordable obligations, a gulf that Democrats hasten to widen.

And this is the increasingly palpable fear that has overcome many Democrats who have failed to define Ryan in their own terms, that when an individual works in the service of America while others threaten her fiscal continuance there is only one choice, and that is the one whose vision narrows the Delaware in the service of everyone's interest.


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