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Monday, August 6, 2012

We Won't Support Chick-Fil-A With Our Dollars, but You Must Fund Abortion With Yours...


American Thinker:

So while the Tea Party advances small-government principles, wanting to leave citizens free to make their own decisions and reap the benefits or suffer the consequences accordingly, the left pursues a system of big-government command and control. They then turn around and accuse the small-government Christian Tea Partiers of attempting to impose a theocracy in America, when it is the left's plan that is often indistinguishable from theocratic rule.

So true.

Take for example the Chick-Fil-A fun we had recently.  Liberals gladly pushed others to forgo CFA  and  attempted boycotts like 'Eat Les Chiken'.  Surly many chose not to support CFA so as to not fund revenue steams they found immoral.  That is their right.

But what of those folks who do not wish to indulge revenue streams that fund birth control or abortifacients? Even while  reveling in their right to not engage in an activity that funds what they deem immoral, liberals are fine with forcing others to engage in activity those others deem immoral.

Odder still  was that as soon as government inserted itself in the CFA argument via various mayors threatening CFA., much of the  left deserted those mayors.  Why?

The left seemed perfectly willing to use the coercive powers of government to fund abortion.

Why didn't the left support the mayors against CFA?
I believe the reason that many liberals did not lend support to those mayors who proposed  bullying the pious is that such actions have yet to be sanctified by governance in the way that governance has moralized the outright unconstitutional coercion of the religious by way of codified law otherwise known as ObamaCare.

Thus, forcing the religious to support an immoral stream of revenue is just fine for liberals. But when government attempts to force the religious to shut up without having first sanctified the nightstick used, well Rahm and the other mayors were forced to backtrack from immoral behavior that had yet been moralized by state  codification.

These are a theocratic bunch, these  progressive, liberal, Democrats  who have effectively handed the power to moralize to governance, but then, what other result could be expected when religion is forced from the public square?


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