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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving and Property Rights


The path from famine is property rights...





Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ObamaGrinch Steals Christmas


A Christmas Wrap...


Thank You, Ted Cruz, Thank You...


Ted Cruz and Mike Lee attempted to stop the disaster that is the ACA.
Obama got his way, though.
Are you better off?


Monday, November 25, 2013

The Larger the Government, The Lower the Prosperity


As the percentage of GDP represented by government spending increases growth in GDP for all decreases. Really, if government were the source of prosperity it would have no need to tax. The result is that the more government there is the higher the percentage of the economy that is non-prosperous. It should be no surprise that Europe's growth is perennially dismal.   Data Source for the two charts below:
(All available data was used. No cherry picking.)
(Each Data Point Represents a Nation)

  Hoven - Slow Statism 1Hoven - Slow Statism 2

Friday, November 22, 2013

unAmerican Democrat Senators end the Filibuster


The filibuster was intended to reduce partisanship in the senate and force deliberation upon those in power; the phrase"the greatest deliberative body" did not spring from the ether.

The reality is that the filibuster forces the party in power to not only check their extremism, but to consult the opposing party during the legislative process.

As to the particular changes made yesterday I lament the politicized courts that are sure to follow and also the reduced standing the decisions of these more politicized courts will have in minds of the public.

But are we to expect any different from unAmerican Democrats?


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Coleman Exponent Dakota 1/ Kraz X1 Tent Notes, Photos Video and Review...

The Coleman Exponent Dakota 1 is a one man tent with a sleeping space of about 3 feet wide at its widest and 8 feet long.  It is nearly identical to the Coleman Kraz X1.  It is also similar to the Coleman Inyo, Bedrock, and Cobra, each of which forego the asymmetry of the Coleman Dakota and Kraz.

This is one of Coleman's one man offerings from Coleman's Exponent line of products for backpackers. This line of tents and products are of higher quality than we have come to expect from Coleman in the USA, a line that  I believe was intended to change how Americans think of Coleman. Unfortunately Coleman was unable to break Americans of their expectations regarding Coleman  products  and Coleman has since given up on the Exponent  line of tents in the US.

That said, the Exponent line lives on in Europe.

One of the more distinctive aspects of the Dakota is its asymmetry.  While I like the aesthetics of the asymmetry, it is unlikely to appeal to most people.  What should appeal to folks, though, is the utility that comes with the asymmetry.  One, it sheds water better then its flatter counterparts which often suffer from pooling water on the material above one's  feet. Such pooling of water invariably leads to leaks.  Second, access to the tent is enhanced as a result of the higher, more vertical entry.

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks to the asymmetry is that the polls are necessarily asymmetrical as well which detracts from what would otherwise be easier assembly.  Coleman solves this with a system of color coding (photo).  While this may help in daylight or when a flashlight is available, for some darkness may prove to be a hindrance to the tent's assembly.

Coleman Exponent Dakota 1 

  • Polls - Aluminum 13" long when packed (Color Coded)
  • Pegs - Thick Aluminum  
  • Repair Pouch - Aluminum Poll Splint and 3 Peel and Stick Swatches
  • Weight - 3 Pounds 3 Ounces 
  • Fly - RipStop Polyester 4000mm Hydrostatic Head
  • Ground Material - Nylon 5000mm Hydrostatic Head
  • Taped Seams
  • Vestibule -  Large enough for boots
  • Reflective Material on Fly and Guys
  • Not Free Standing


Coleman Dakota /Kraz Polls (13")

Coleman Dakota / Kraz Repair Pack

Coleman Dakota / Kraz Tent Pegs

Coleman Dakota / Kraz Entry

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Foot)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Side Opposite Entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head) (Note the color coded polls)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head) (Note the color coded Polls)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head and Entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Entry side Fly Closed)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Foot/Entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Foot and side opposite entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head and side opposite entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head with Fly)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head/Entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Entry Fly Open)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Vestibule)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Interior Head)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Interior Foot)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

ObamaCare is Synonymous With Failure

ObamaCare the theory is now ObamaCare the reality and it sucks...


Breaking unAmerican - What if Health Care Insurance Were Coffee???

ObamaCare is a failure not because of some website, but because it ignores the human  element.  Let Americans be Americans, let us choose....

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Freedom Found At Hartzman's Debate...

My son and I attended Hartzman's gathering at the Golden Corral the night before the elections and while grazing the buffet I noticed an armed fellow. Open carry.

Good, I thought. But why would I feel that way?

The reason is that we have repeatedly seen where the insane, who the left argues should walk freely among us, turn our liberties against our nation. Of course, the insane are little different than the criminal element in regard to liberty. While we lockup the criminal element for not respecting the rights of others we do not institutionalize those who do not understand the rights of others, the insane. Instead the left argues that we should give the insane a full compliment of rights that the insane can neither comprehend nor respect and allow them to wonder throughout society.

The undeniable result is that the insane that the left has loosed upon American society have proven a greater threat to the law abiding than any firearm.

So, when I saw that armed fellow, I felt safer.

I felt safer because he, one man in a restaurant of many, was empowered by liberty to mitigate the potential threat of the insane with which the left has targeted not only America, but American schools, Americans and American liberty itself.

And I thank him for that. I thank him for protecting not only himself, but in doing so, protecting the life of my son and every individual in the restaurant. And more conceptually, I thank him for mitigating the potential damage unAmerican Democrats cause American society when they expect all of us , through their restrictions on self defense, to live within the limitations of the insane who do not understand liberty.

-- NitWitCharmer


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

As the ACA Continues to Force People off Their Preferred Insurance it is Instructive to Listen to Your Government's Efforts at Truth...

Via the Communications Director Office of Health Reform, Linda Douglas,

So what is the "disinformation" she  to which she refers?

It is likely a video found in this short montage of Obama speaking to you:

Disinformation is what comes from governments....


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Experience of One "Walk In" Attendee...

Melissa Barnes:
Few of the concerns were about recent budget cuts, and while there were concerns raised about teacher salaries and lack of raises, the most mentioned issue had nothing to do with money. The biggest concern was about testing and the Common Core Standards. Teachers are beyond frustrated with these standards and they are very worried about the toll Common Core is taking on students. Some of the concerns raised in regards to Common Core include:
  • Children not being developmentally ready.
  • Too much testing under Common Core.
  • Having to keep up with too much data.
  • No transitional year; “Building the plane as its flying.”

These are some of the same issues opponents of Common Core have been raising for months. Hearing this from teachers is eye-opening. How can we expect the students to gain anything from these “superior standards” if the teachers aren’t even on board?
This event was completely different than what I was expecting. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how opposed teachers are to these standards. If teachers are truly upset with Common Core then they need to come together, take control and make that clear.