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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Freedom Found At Hartzman's Debate...

My son and I attended Hartzman's gathering at the Golden Corral the night before the elections and while grazing the buffet I noticed an armed fellow. Open carry.

Good, I thought. But why would I feel that way?

The reason is that we have repeatedly seen where the insane, who the left argues should walk freely among us, turn our liberties against our nation. Of course, the insane are little different than the criminal element in regard to liberty. While we lockup the criminal element for not respecting the rights of others we do not institutionalize those who do not understand the rights of others, the insane. Instead the left argues that we should give the insane a full compliment of rights that the insane can neither comprehend nor respect and allow them to wonder throughout society.

The undeniable result is that the insane that the left has loosed upon American society have proven a greater threat to the law abiding than any firearm.

So, when I saw that armed fellow, I felt safer.

I felt safer because he, one man in a restaurant of many, was empowered by liberty to mitigate the potential threat of the insane with which the left has targeted not only America, but American schools, Americans and American liberty itself.

And I thank him for that. I thank him for protecting not only himself, but in doing so, protecting the life of my son and every individual in the restaurant. And more conceptually, I thank him for mitigating the potential damage unAmerican Democrats cause American society when they expect all of us , through their restrictions on self defense, to live within the limitations of the insane who do not understand liberty.

-- NitWitCharmer


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