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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Coleman Exponent Dakota 1/ Kraz X1 Tent Notes, Photos Video and Review...

The Coleman Exponent Dakota 1 is a one man tent with a sleeping space of about 3 feet wide at its widest and 8 feet long.  It is nearly identical to the Coleman Kraz X1.  It is also similar to the Coleman Inyo, Bedrock, and Cobra, each of which forego the asymmetry of the Coleman Dakota and Kraz.

This is one of Coleman's one man offerings from Coleman's Exponent line of products for backpackers. This line of tents and products are of higher quality than we have come to expect from Coleman in the USA, a line that  I believe was intended to change how Americans think of Coleman. Unfortunately Coleman was unable to break Americans of their expectations regarding Coleman  products  and Coleman has since given up on the Exponent  line of tents in the US.

That said, the Exponent line lives on in Europe.

One of the more distinctive aspects of the Dakota is its asymmetry.  While I like the aesthetics of the asymmetry, it is unlikely to appeal to most people.  What should appeal to folks, though, is the utility that comes with the asymmetry.  One, it sheds water better then its flatter counterparts which often suffer from pooling water on the material above one's  feet. Such pooling of water invariably leads to leaks.  Second, access to the tent is enhanced as a result of the higher, more vertical entry.

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks to the asymmetry is that the polls are necessarily asymmetrical as well which detracts from what would otherwise be easier assembly.  Coleman solves this with a system of color coding (photo).  While this may help in daylight or when a flashlight is available, for some darkness may prove to be a hindrance to the tent's assembly.

Coleman Exponent Dakota 1 

  • Polls - Aluminum 13" long when packed (Color Coded)
  • Pegs - Thick Aluminum  
  • Repair Pouch - Aluminum Poll Splint and 3 Peel and Stick Swatches
  • Weight - 3 Pounds 3 Ounces 
  • Fly - RipStop Polyester 4000mm Hydrostatic Head
  • Ground Material - Nylon 5000mm Hydrostatic Head
  • Taped Seams
  • Vestibule -  Large enough for boots
  • Reflective Material on Fly and Guys
  • Not Free Standing


Coleman Dakota /Kraz Polls (13")

Coleman Dakota / Kraz Repair Pack

Coleman Dakota / Kraz Tent Pegs

Coleman Dakota / Kraz Entry

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Foot)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Side Opposite Entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head) (Note the color coded polls)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head) (Note the color coded Polls)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head and Entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Entry side Fly Closed)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Foot/Entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Foot and side opposite entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head and side opposite entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head with Fly)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Head/Entry)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Entry Fly Open)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Vestibule)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Interior Head)

Coleman Dakota / Kraz (Interior Foot)


  1. I'm not a backpacker, I'm a cyclists so I didn't buy this tent for its lightness. Keeping a low profile was more my interest and this tent is low to the ground.
    The interior is roomy for its size.
    Remove the fly on hot nights for excellent cooing.
    The nylon floor needs a ground cloth on rainy nights.
    Excellent buy for the price.

    1. Would you say this tent is long enough for someone who is 6 ft?

    2. I am 5'10" and still store items above my head when I sleep. Book, phone, wallet, munchies, coat and other cloths. I was presently surprised by the length. I would think a 6' tall individual would find this tent comfortable.