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Friday, October 29, 2010

Rep GK Butterfield (NC-2) -- Rationing Health-Care


We were told there was no rationing of health-care in ObamaCare. Politics.
Common sense said otherwise.

When the trust between producer and consumer is broken market distortions occur. Such is the case within the network of laws that is ObamaCare.

Within its pages health-care producers are no longer paid by end users and instead cater to those who do pay them, the more heavily regulated new arm of the government called insurance. The end users who are not required to pay only see free health-care, thus use more of it and use it more frivolously because dollar limitations no longer exist. This stresses supply and drives up costs. Simple and based on human nature.

The only way control way for costs to be controlled when the trust between provider and consumer or end user is broken is to ration the health-care we all receive. Government boards will necessarily do the rationing and when individuals die as a result of their decision not to provide care, then those boards can rightfully be called Death Panels.

A congressman who does not see this does not deserve to be a congressman. GK Butterfield not only joined his party in the denials of Death Panels, but lent his support for them with his vote in favor of ObamaCare. Even based on the most dismal of expectations GK Butterfield has failed to serve North Carolina and should loose his seat in November.

What is it about human nature that so befuddles GK Butterfield? This question alone should mark GK Butterfield as unfit to serve in congress.


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