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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rep. Brad Miller (NC-13) -- On Governmental and Social Inefficiency Through ObamaCare...


ObamaCare not only imposes its control over the health-care industry, but it reorganizes the chess board of interested parties in the heath-care industry by adding more chess pieces. Of course, government has an endless supply of chess pieces to add to the board. This, it is claimed, adds efficiency to the system thereby driving down health-care costs. Brad Miller bought into this argument and supported ObamaCare with a vote in favor.

Here is just a third of the amorphous beast Brad Miller supported diagrammed:

This is 1/3 of the bureaucratic maze through with somehow is gleamed efficiency and cheaper health-care. This is more than just a cart in the mind of Brad Miller; it is art.

Here is Polifrog's artless idea of efficient health-care:

Consumer <---------> Provider

Just two players and the faith of the American people are all that is required....

Brad Miller prefers to place his faith, not in the American people, but in the bureaucratic contrivances of governance. He has the mind of a statist and as such sees beauty in the ObamaCare tangle of bureaucracy above. The result of his vision is already raising the cost of health-care for our nation by forcing the health-care market through a sieve of bureaucratic governance and and, by definition, inefficiency.

Would John F. Kennedy and Franklin D Roosevelt have chosen to raise the cost of health-care for a nation? Would you?

Brad Miller, not your parent's Democrat.


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