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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rep. Brad Miller, Bob Etheridg, David Price, GK Butterfield, and Mel Watt -- Breaking the Common Bonds Through ObamaCare...


---I wrote this in reply to a comment and thought it would make a good post on a slow news day.---

I was at a roadside watermelon stand earlier this summer. A third fellow by the name of Obama strolled up as I was about to buy a peach of a watermelon from the vendor. He said, "Hold on, let me take that $5 and buy that melon for you."

"OK. what could be the harm?" I said, and let the money slide into his left hand which he had oddly nicknamed "The Insurance Industry". He immediately took off and he dashed from one milling customer to the other attempting to influence them with his new stash. During all the scurrying he managed to flick three dollars into a nearby creek for what he deemed to be "future investment". This seemed slushy to me, but whatever.

Eventually he returned to the watermelon vendor and gave him a $1.50. Fifty cents had disappeared beyond the $3 of "future investment".

At this point Obama forced the watermelon vendor to hand me and another fellow, who had yet to spend a dime, each a watermelon off the vendor's table of week old melons that were normally half price. With that, he then had the audacity to claim he had created one free watermelon.

End result....

  • Despite the fact that the vendor had lost money, I was pissed off at him for handing me a crap melon.
  • The vendor, for his part, was perplexed to the point of frustration by my anger; as far as he could tell I never paid him for the melon he gave me.
  • Although the vendor continued to kiss this Obama Character's ass in an effort to retain future business, he was pissed at being forced to operate at a loss until he realized he no longer needed to keep a supply of the best watermelons to retain his market.
  • For Obama's part, between visits to collect more money for my next melon, the price of which had already risen to $15, he was too busy picking lobster from his teeth to notice the dischord he had created, nor did he have the inclination to hear my complaints.

Breaking the bonds of economic transaction yields hate between citizens and is the result of immoral governance.



  1. Yea Polifrog,hope you join the Woolard Campaign and supporters tomorrow night in the Original Washington! 940-4400

  2. I'd like to, but not only do I live in Eden NC. (North of Greensboro), I also have work to contend with.

    I do intend to do some live posting on Tuesday, though.