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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rep. Bob Etheridge (NC-2) Believes Some Free Speech to be More Free Than Others (Legislating Inequality Through th Disclose Act)...


The Supreme Court decided in Citizens United in favor of a strengthened 1st. amendment for all.

believes political speech to be sacred whether it spills from the mouths of politicians, individuals, or corporations. We all have a stake in governance as it can impact us with the cold hand of intolerant, unrestrained bureaucracy. Being able to influence government goes to the heart of our representative system. Ours is a government that derives its power from the governed but Bob Etheridge it seems would prefer that some have influence while other do not.

Today, Bob Etheridge has proven he believes in weakened free speech for some and has lent his vote (NC-2's vote) toward, the Disclose Act, which seeks to blunt the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. This is a blatant slap in the face of free speech and it has been done behind locked bathroom doors. According to The Daily Caller,

... the key architect of the bill, said June 15, “Our key objective in responding to the Supreme Court’s radical ruling in Citizens United has been to increase transparency and disclosure, and the final bill achieves that goal.

Interestingly for a transparency bill, the process of writing it was kept secret, even from key Democrats.

As in Obamacare, Bob Etheridge seems willing to lend his vote to any bill written outside the light of day as long as it passes power to government while weakening the governed.

Secondly, according to Slate the Citizens United decision had been on its way for some time as indicated by a previous case,

...FEC v. Wisconsin Right to Life. That case, which interpreted the same provision of the same law as Citizens United, held that corporate and union ads were constitutionally protected so long as they did not explicitly endorse or oppose candidates. The difference now is that corporations and unions can tell you directly who to vote for.

The Disclose Act which is supported by Bob Etheridge attempts to silence corporations while cutting out loopholes for Unions. Again from The Daily Caller,

...restrictions on companies that received government bailouts during the financial crisis apply to businesses, but not unions: Under the DISCLOSE Act, General Motors can’t tell you who to vote for, but the United Auto Workers union can.

Yes, it is Bob Etheridge's vision that some have freer speech than others. Bob Etheridge, once again proving himself incredibly un-American in legislating inequality.


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