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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rep. Brad Miller (NC-13) -- Destroying the Economic Pact Between Consumer and Producer...


When the consumer abdicates the power of consumerism to the government the end user becomes a cost of doing business.

What does this mean?

One of the greatest strengths inherent in being an American is the ability to vote with our dollars, Simply put, business do what they do to get our dollars. If they don't provide the service they don't get the dollars. Businesses do what they do well, they do it efficiently, or they fail. This simple concept is such an ingrained concept it has become taken for granted and, frankly, a bore to describe. But, all the same, it is an the source of miracles and has created one of the world's greatest most efficient economic powers the history has ever known.

Yesterday our socialist democrats have decided it best to kill one sixth of that miracle. They have taken from Americans our power to vote with our dollar when purchasing health care. In their distorted world view,they feel they should be the source of all dollars in the medical sector of our economy. The transaction is no longer defined as being between the provider and the end user, and instead has been redefined as between Gov. and provider. One sixth of the economy (health care) is now in business to make the Gov happy in an effort to get Gov. dollars.

This forces the health-care end user out of the transaction and relegates them to the powerless status of a business cost. That is, you and me---business costs.

Brad Miller cast his vote in favor of an American Economic Spin-down


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