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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rep. David Price (NC-4) - On Cap and Tax (Trade)


David Price supports and has voted in favor of Cap and Tax (Trade).

Aside from decimating American industry in a false effort to avert Global Warming....

Yea, that Global Warming....How does this bill directly effect the individual?

Within the endless pages of legal ease of the bill is a little ditty that has a detrimental effect on home owners. It, of course, would not only impact home owners but everyone who rents as well, as the owners of the units would pass the increased costs on to the renter. Ok, by that reasoning, it effects anyone who chooses to live in a shelter of any kind.

It does this by requiring property owners to upgrade their homes to meet predetermined efficiency standards. Replacing all windows, upgraded insulation, new furnaces , new water heaters, and new appliances would be required before a home owner would be allowed to sell their home. Least you think this would be a one shot upgrade, remember that advances in efficiency would keep the inspectors returning prior to every sale.

Thought experiment...You've lost your job and have been having difficulty with the mortgage. You need to sell your home...fast. The government efficiency inspector, though, reports in their leisurely way that you need $20,000 in upgrades before you can sell your home and get out from under the mortgage. Your already broke and unlikely able to get a loan for $20,000. You default on your loan. Thank David Price.

Thought experiment...You own a rental property you wish to sell and are forced to make one of two decisions. Whether it is a duplex or an apartment complex does not matter. You are considering selling, but selling would mean raising the rents on your tenants to make the expensive David Price mandated upgrades to your rental. Your other option is to sit on the property in which case David Price's efficiency mandates force you to add to the locking up of the real estate market. Bad for renters, bad for owners, bad for real estate, bad for America.

This is just a tiny facet of Cap and Trade and it is what David Price wishes to impose on all Americans.

Politicians like David Price believe that their party having been falsely defined as protectors of the poor will shield them from the wrath of the poor and middle class who will shoulder the burden of Cap and Trade. And remember Cap and Trade it is argued will protect us from the hoax that is global warming. This is government intrusion and nothing more.

David Price a grade school economist who is truly bad for NC and America.



  1. Cap and tax is a suicidal solution to a non-problem. Google 'dan pangburn records indicate' to see an equation using only sunspot number and and carbon dioxide level that calculates average global temperatures since 1895 with an accuracy of 88%.

  2. Agreed. AGW is A non-problem as an environmental threat, however it remains as an excuse for growth in governance.

    Government abused science.