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Friday, October 29, 2010

Rep. Brad Miller (NC-13) -- Forgetting the state he represents....


North Carolina sent Brad Miller to Washington to represent not just the interests of the people of North Carolina but the interests of our great state as well.

If Brad Miller did anything to strengthen North Carolina it has been over shadowed by the incredible pain and loss of power he inflicted on our state and its people when he threw his support behind ObamaCare.

First off, North Carolina has power reserved to by the Constitution. In fact, all states have reserved to them all powers not explicitly defined as a Federal power. (Amendment 10 of the Constitution) Up until this point North Carolina controlled health care within its boarders and could tailer that care to suit the needs of the citizens of North Carolina if it so desired. Brad Miller, though, denied our people and NC the authority to control health care within our boarders. Brad Miller denied our state the ability tailer its health care system to it's specific needs. But even worse, Brad Miller abdicated that authority to our distant and unresponsive federal government.

This is not the action of a man who represents our state. This is, rather, the action of a man who represents the interests of Washington, a Washington drunk on power and ever desirous of more. Brad Miller supports funneling powers Constitutionally reserved to North Carolina and its people away from our state to Washington. Brad Miller is an enabler of Washington's power drunken stupor and likely addicted to it himself.

The Health Care Industry represents 1/6 of the economy. Therefore, it stands to reason that 1/6 of NC economy was simply turned over to Washington by Brad Miller. 1/6th of North Carolina's economy is no longer under the control of North Carolina and its people!

Brad Miller does not represent the interests of North Carolina, but rather, the interests of Washington.

Brad Miller's lust for Washington power is greater than his love for North Carolina. Brad Miller harms North Carolina. Brad Miller harms the citizens of North Carlina.

We need to force Brad Miller home for some Washington power addiciton rehab. this November.


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