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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bush's Strategery of Silence and Decision Points Vs. the Political Animal Clinton...


I am not one of those who doubt Bush's love of country and party. He is a conservative. Outside threats, though, forced him to acquiesce some of that conservatism. He did so for what he saw was the good of the nation, from lost liberty through his war on terror, to frequently giving in to Pelosi spending (spending for which he was blamed) in the final 2 years of his administration, in his quest to protect America from foreign threats.

Additionally, Bush too frequently turned his cheek to attacks on his administration. This silence continued well past the election of Obama and most recently has stood in contrast to Bill Clinton's campaigning for Democrats this election season.

I am not sure about this, as I haven't read his book, but I believe that, based on Bush's love of conservatism, his book will be a boon to conservatives Nov. 2 and that Bush's long silence will add to its positive impact on the Nov. elections. Such is the power of silence.

Compare that to the half empty and sullen halls Clinton has recently spoken in. Too much talk; too little impact ... such is the silence rooted in weakness.

It seems Bush strategery once again sprints beyond the political animal that is Clinton.


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