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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rep. Brad Miller (NC-13) -- Verbalizing Immorality...


Yet another article parroting Brad Miller's nonsense.

According to the article Brad Miller said opponents represent the interests of a handful of millionaires made rich by the health care and financial industries.

This kind of rhetoric serves only to strengthen the Tea-Party members who are maligned by such an idiotic statement. The Tea-Party has been and is fueled by such goading.

Brad Miller, for his part, seems to be more than just aware of the Tea-Party...

Rep. Brad Miller, whose congressional district includes part of Alamance County, described a “frightening” political anger in reaction to the Obama Administration and the national Democratic agenda, characterizing it as a “rage … that we have not seen since 'the 1960s.”

"Frightened" and "rage". Well, he should be frightened that he may loose his job to a citizenry rightfully enraged at his penchant for governance through broken consent.

There is reason for the palpable frustration many experience. One is ObamaCare.

Turning a population of health-care consumers with influence over their health-care providers into health-care business costs is immoral. Creating a situation in which the health-care industry caters to the government (the source of its income) rather than the sick, who become an expense to the health-care industry, is beyond immoral.

Supporting such a economic incentives is immoral and Brad Miller should be fired for his immorality.

Lastly, I had to reread this bit a couple of times due to its sheer idiocy......

The Tea Party movement may be to Democrats what Hillary Clinton was once said to be to conservatives – a source of political animosity intense enough to motivate people to political action.


Political animosity is created by the misgovernance of those in power. The Tea-Party is the embodiment of political animosity created by misgovernance. In short, the Tea-Party is a reaction to poor leadership.


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