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Sunday, October 31, 2010

BJ Lawson vs. Rep. David Price on Illegal Immigration ...


David Price, born in 1940, is part of the leading edge of the Boomer generation and has chosen to identify himself with the portion of his generation that turned its back on the success and sacrifice of the greatest generation. To that end David Price has governed America toward lost liberty, poverty, dependency, moral decay, and has strained the common bonds that bind us together as a nation.

  • Where once we had a melting pot we now have cultural balkanization.
  • Where once churches and community helped the down trodden we now funnel that help through a soulless government.
  • Where we once had the crisp suit of moral certitude we now have the tie-dye of moral relativism.

BJ Lawson and David Price spoke to the issue if illegal immigration last month.

BJ Lawson recognizes the importance of the common bonds that made America great.

In contrast, David Price, like his increasingly doddering generation, continues to reject the ingredients of American strength that he enjoyed the fruits of.


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