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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rep. Bob Etheridge (NC-2) -- Wrong on Net Neutrality


Why regulate the internet? Why?
I have yet to hear a compelling reason from Bob Etheridge or anyone else for regulating the internet which has no apparent problems.

[Mr. Genachowski] wants to adopt "net neutrality" rules that require Internet providers like Comcast Corp. and AT&T Inc. to treat all traffic equally, and not to slow or block access to websites.
Have you had this issue? I haven't.

Now the push is again on after "a federal appeals court ruling last month cast doubt on the FCC'sauthority over broadband lines".
The court ruled the FCC had overstepped when it cited Comcast in 2008 for slowing some customers' Internet traffic.
Well, apparently, like Nancy Pelosi in her quest to control our health, no hurdle is too high for theFCC's quest for control.
In a move that will stoke a battle over the future of the Internet, the federal government plans to propose regulating broadband lines under decades-old rules designed for traditional phone networks.

The internet is works fine. It has been a wondrous source of vitality in the United States that reminds me of the United States of 100 years ago. It does not need to be smothered with needless regulation.

Until there is a compelling reason talk of regulation should be dropped. Brad Miller should step back from his support for net neutrality and put his trust in the American people. That is, admittedly, difficult for Bob Etheridge.

We do not need to regulate problems that exist only in the minds of those who wish only to control that which is free.

Fire Bob Etheridge in November.


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