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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rep. Brad Miller -- A NO Vote On Dulling a Fetus's Pain Due to Abortion...


Imagine you are about to be executed. Would you want want to reduce the pain of your execution? I seems a natural desire when in that position to want some fashion of pain killer. As an executioner it is only humane to consider the pain of the executed.

But what if instead of being an adult you are a child ... minutes from being born. Your feet are in contact with the air you will soon breath. As you are being exposed to a cold new world your feet are followed by your legs, hips and abdomen. Then, before the moment you are fully born, pain rips through you as your spinal chord is severed at the base of your skull. You have been aborted by a mother who was not aware that the unborn feel pain.

This is a scenario the failed Abortion Pain Bill (HR 6099) was intended to address. According to Project Vote Smart the bill:

-Requires the physician to provide the woman with the following information or material: the approximate age of the fetus/unborn child; the "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Brochure"; the possibility that drugs administered to the mother may not prevent pain for the fetus/unborn child; and risks and costs associated with the use of pain-reducing drugs (Sec. 3).

-Requires the "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Brochure" to state that evidence exists suggesting fetuses/unborn children 20 weeks or more into development are capable of experiencing pain, and that the woman may request pain-reducing drugs for the fetus/unborn child, and that there may be additional risks associated with the use of some pain-reducing drugs (Sec. 3).

-Allows the woman to waive receipt of the brochure by signing an "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Decision Form" (Sec. 3).

This bill failed with the help of Brad Miller. His no vote ensured that mothers remained uneducated about the pain their aborted children endure and forced our unborn to continue to suffer the pain of execution. Death-row inmates receive more sympathy than our children at the hands of Brad Miller.

Would Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy have wished to continue to subject the pain of execution on children? Would you? Brad Miller did.

Brad Miller, not your parent's Democrat.


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