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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rep. Brad Miller (NC-13) -- Breaking the Trust of a Constituency...


Most of us in America have little interest in the representatives of districts outside our own. For that reason our representatives have little cause to campaign in districts outside the district they represent.

For example: Kathey Castor (representing Florida's 11th district) has no incentive to hold a fund raiser in Arizona. She doesn't represent Arizona in congress and she would likely lose money holding such an event in Arizona. If she were to campaign outside Florida, Florida's 11th would rightfully question her motives and whether she truly represents them.

Brad Miller, like all representatives, has fund raisers, but I question Brad Miller's motives when he holds a fund raiser for himself in Washington DC. I doubt many North Carolinians are willing to drive to DC to to have a breakfast in Brad Miller's support at $1000 to $5000 per head. Brad Miller has no constituents in Washington DC, yet apparently he finds it fertile enough ground for campaign contributions that he held a fund raiser in Washington DC on March 25,2010.

Brad Miller has lost his moral footing while in Washington. During his many years representing NC Brad Miller has found a new constituency of high dollar donors willing to to pay thousands of dollars for a breakfast within the beltway of Washington DC. Brad Miller is no longer responsive to the people of North Carolin and no longer cares if his constituents trust him.

Don't take my word for it, listen to Brad Miller's...

Brad Miller admits he doesn't care if NC constituents trust him and has clearly lost his way while in Washington. We need to direct him home this November.


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