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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rep. Brad Miller -- When Not in Silence Mode Brad Miller Gives Random Answers to Specific Questions...


What is going on with Brad Miller? Did he read the question wrong? Did he send the wrong answer out to the wrong address? Is Brad Miller the equivalent of Stevie Wonder on a tennis court with a camera?

Carolina Journal asked the following direct questions of Brad Miller:

Would you support the adoption of any significant legislation during a lame-duck session in 2010? Or should those measure wait until the 112th Congress takes office in January 2011?

Brad Miller's was the longest of the elected officials who were asked the questions but his response not only answered an imagined question but highlighted the weakness of his coming campaign:

President Obama signed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, HR 4173 on July 21st.


I authored several key elements in the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act including a national mortgage lending reform law that I first introduced with Rep. Mel Watt in 2004. I was also the first House Member to propose the creation of an independent consumer financial protection regulator; a centerpiece of the bill.

No answer yet...

For too long Wall Street won every time because they always got to write the rules and keep score. Other generations of Americans have fought to reign in self-interested financial and political power, and to put government on the side of ordinary Americans. Now it’s our turn.

Did Brad Miller ever know the question? He concluded with a few "highlights of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act".

Yea "highlights".

Brad Miller's answer read more like campaign pap and if this is an example of what Brad Miller intends campaign on... He. Is. Hurting.

BTW, here is an answer to the questions posed our elected officials. In short... Yes!

Erick Erickson of RedState received a copy of the congressional schedule below:

In session: September 13 to October 8

Out: October 11 to November 12

In session: November 15 – 19

Out: Week of November 22 (Thanksgiving week)

In session: November 29 – ?

Polifrog, answering the questions brad Miller gets lost on.
Brad Miller, Not your parent's Democrat.


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