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Monday, October 25, 2010

Rep. David Price (NC-4) -- More Proof of Ineptitude


David Price lent his support and, by extension, the support of North Carolinians for a bill he clearly did not read (time was not given to do so) but more importantly did not understand.

Congress may be fined tens of millions of dollars a year under its own health-care law, in part because the bill dumps members of Congress and their staffs from their current health-care plans.

But no one really knows for sure what the bill does, not even the experts. For instance, exactly who qualifies as an“employer” — and therefore is subject to fines up to$3,000 per employee — is undefined in the bill.

Congress and Brad Miller have been caught flat footed by the very legislation they voted to implement on the American people. If David Price did not know how the law impacted his own affairs, then how could he have possibly known how it effects the people he pretends to represent?

This is proof that David Price misrepresents the people of North Carolina. It is proof of his deepening immorality and ineptitude.


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