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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rep. Brad Miller on Abortion --- Not Your Parent's Democrat...


Brad Miller does not talk much during these campaign days but he has a record of votes that does speak for him. In fact, Brad Miller has quite a good voting record -- as in attendance record -- and misses very few scheduled votes. The same con not be said of the way Brad Miller votes.

On abortion Brad Miller could not be more extreme. Given the chance in 2003 Brad Miller cast his vote against a bill (HR 760) to prohibit Partial-Birth Abortion. The bill passed without his help but what does it say of Brad Miller when he is willing to accept infanticide? Under what rational does one call the deliberate killing of a child murder when only moments before birth killing that same child would be A-Okay by Brad Miller.

Where is the rational?

During the debate over Partial-Birth Abortion Democrats argued that the law to prohibit Partial-Birth Abortion was an example of government inserting itself between a woman and her doctor without regard for that woman's privacy as defined by Roe Vs. Wade. Considering Brad Miller's general lack of creativity, he likely argued the same. How Brad Miller can then turn and support ObamaCare, a government intrusion between doctor and patient if there ever was one, is the ultimate example in political contortion and irrationality.

Would John F. Kennedy supported such insanity as Partial-Birth Abortion?

Brad Miller, not your parent's Democrat.


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