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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rep. Brad Miller NC-13 Supporting Debt Slavery...


How long have we, as a nation, had, as a distinct facet of public discourse, the coming insolvency of social security? I was introduced to the coming failure of social security in the mid 80's by my government school and I have no reason to believe the conversation didn't begin earlier.

Based on pre 1940's actuarial tables and a growing population that seemed, at the time, would grow indefinitely, a functional pyramid scheme was created. It worked until the two assumptions it was based on faltered. Population growth decreased and lifespans increased. Add the unavoidable stress of increasing benefits, insolvency has been long preordained.

The program is now running in the red as it no longer brings in more than it spends. Insolvency came early.

How will our government fund social security going forward? It will borrow the money, adding to our national debt forcing our children and grandchildren to foot the interest payments and eventually the principle.

Brad Miller does not care. Apparently debt slavery does not concern him.

At a time when our national debt is slipping beyond our ability to manage...

our representative, Brad Miller, stood with our President to expand our deficit spending by starting another government expanding, deficit deepening program. Health-Care Reform, ObamaCare. After TARP, multiple stimulus packages, and the continued unfunded mandates, Brad Miller seemingly jumped at the chance to further beholden our nation's future to our debt holders.

Our bond markets seem to be the canary in the coal mine reacting to the obvious added weight of debt inherent in Obamacare.

The constituents of NC know intuitively that expanding coverage to more people, forcing Cadillac plans on every one (my choice of catastrophic insurance will be illegal), hiring 15,000 IRS agents to enforce it, setting up a bureaucracy, feeding that bureaucracy, inherent government inefficiency, and dollars wasted to political influencing will create deficits and further the slow spin-down of our economic machine.

According to USAToday
Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the health care overhaul signed into law last week costs too much and expands the government's role in health care too far, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds

The citizens of NC were ignored by Brad Miller during the town-hall protests last summer. Of course, Brad Miller didn't have any town-hall meetings last summer. He preferred to see only those individuals of his choosing.

But said he didn't care what those individuals thought.

Brad Miller ignored the common sense concerns of cost that his constituents expressed., preferring, instead, to gather donations from and give attention to his newer wealthier "constituents" in Washington DC.

There are better people in North Carolina than Brad Miller.
Say no to debt slavery.
Say no to Brad Miller this November.


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