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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rep Brad Miller (NC-13) -- On Abortion and Parental Rights...


Only a man bereft of soul could muster the votes cast below....

It would come as no surprise that Brad Miller, a Democrat, supports abortion. Brad Miller is, after all, an unimaginative Democrat Party lemming with a voting record that goose-steps with Nancy Pelosi at near 100% consistency.

But just how pro-abortion is Brad Miller? Just what are his moral limits?

A look at Brad Miller's congressional voting record is warranted.

First up...A bill to prohibit Partial-Birth/Late Term Abortion. Brad Miller voted NO.
(This is) a bill that would prohibit any individual from knowingly performing the procedure known as intact dilation and extraction, in which a fetus/unborn child is partially delivered before it is aborted. The only exception is if the life of the woman is endangered by a physical disorder, illness, or injury.
Only an extremist could support the ending of ones life before taking his or her first breath while while at the same time being bathed in the air we all breath. This is a vote in favor of infanticide and an example of Brad Miller's deep immorality.

Second....Abortion Pain Bill (Information for the mother not to be) Brad Miller voted NO.
Requires the physician to provide the woman with the following information or material: the approximate age of the fetus/unborn child; the "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Brochure"; the possibility that drugs administered to the mother may not prevent pain for the fetus/unborn child; and risks and costs associated with the use of pain-reducing drugs (Sec. 3).

-Requires the "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Brochure" to state that evidence exists suggesting fetuses/unborn children 20 weeks or more into development are capable of experiencing pain, and that the woman may request pain-reducing drugs for the fetus/unborn child, and that there may be additional risks associated with the use of some pain-reducing drugs (Sec. 3).

-Allows the woman to waive receipt of the brochure by signing an "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Decision Form" (Sec. 3).
It seems to me that if we are to allow the taking of a child's life that we should go out of our way to make sure that there is as little pain involved for the aborted as possible. Death Row inmates are grated this right under "cruel and unusual" when their time comes. Brad Miller, though, does not think that a child rises to the level of a criminal and thus feels perfectly comfortable with a vote that increases the pain of the aborted. Beyond immoral...Sadistic.

....The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act. Brad Miller voted NO.
-Makes it illegal, excluding the minor's parents, to knowingly transport a pregnant minor across state lines in order to obtain an abortion, as a way to escape state laws requiring parental consent (Sec. 2).

Apparently Brad Miller does not believe in parental rights, as those rights may hinder additional abortions. What other reading can be gleamed from such an immoral vote? There is no justification for a politician to limit a law abiding parent's right to raise their child. None. Yet in this vote, Brad Miller expresses his lack of respect not only for the unborn, but for parents as well. Deeply Immoral and not reflective of North Carolina or his constituency.

Not only does Brad Miller not represent North Carolina in these votes, but he does not represent humanity. If he had humanity would have long since been extinct.

Only a man bereft of soul could muster the above votes.


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