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Monday, October 25, 2010

Brad Miller NC-13 -- Is a Burden to NC's Small Business


Those legislators who voted in support of ObamaCare don't often wish for to look beyond the surface of the bill. If one does one finds it is littered with small grenades by the bill's standards, but for small business, they are anything but...

From now on, people engaged in business will have to fill out 1099 forms for any expenditure over $600. Buy a pickup truck for your landscaping business? Now you have to send a 1099 to the car dealer. Buy more than $600 in office supplies from Office Depot? Now you have to send a 1099 to Office Depot. Buy a computer for your office? 1099. Pay more than $600 a year to FedEx? 1099.

tucked into the health-care law is a provision that imposes a 3.8 percent federal tax on the proceeds from the sale of your home.

Sallie Mae, the company that processes student loan applications, just announced 2,500 layoffs because of a little-known provision in the health-care reform law that implements a government takeover of the student loan program..

Brad Miller, needlessly killing NC business through his support for ObamaCare, a bill filled with non health-care related law that crushes growth through needles burdens and intrusion into our daily lives...


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