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Monday, March 5, 2012

In Lex Alexander's World Models are Reality While Observation is Ignored - Chart 5...


This fifth chart (all those sloping down) in this series represents the expected decrease in out going radiation under the assumptions of the climate models.  A decrease in out going radiation is what we would expect to see if the globe were warming. Scientists use those models to show how out going radiation is not decreasing as the models suggest when they compare their models to observed reality as measured on the first graph, the only one that slopes up:

However "journalists" like Lex Alexander ignore observed reality and play politics with the models to produce:

But when challenged with the notion that perhaps government spending on climate research has been omitted  Lex Alexander claims he is finished discussing facts.  Never mind he continues to post on those topics he is finished discussing.

Bound by factualized desires, the poorest journalist questions the least.  And that is what we find in Lex Alexander.


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  1. Lex Alexander is an arrogant little twerp wwho lies about his comments, and when presented with indisputable evidence of such from his own blog, goes back and edits out the passage, and pretends it never existed. In addition, he's been known to edit posters' comments to make them look like goofballs.

    In addition to being an academic and intellectual fraud, and arrogant jerk, he's the most unethical participant in the local blogosphere.

    The information you present is just the latest re-inforcement of the above.

    But of course, he's "finished discussing facts". He's finished all right....the "facts" aren't even close towhat he thinks they are.