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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why I Battle Leftist Racism Over at Ed Cone's, AlfonZo Rachel Provides the Answer...


Because when racism exists more as an accusation than a provable reality it is those who accuse who practice racism.

For example,

Ngee, a self described black woman, without proof accuses Sal Leone of racism. My reply:

ngee's comments represent a teachable moment. Forums such as this, by virtue of anonymity, semi anonymity or simply the lack of visual and physical contact, are by nature as race-less an exchange of ideas any of us have come across.
Where is the appreciation of that near racial equality when ngee's first words in this thread are:
This thread is a PRIME EXAMPLE of how segregated the Greensboro blogosphere is. As a black woman (born, raised, went to school here)it AMAZES me how a candidate for office would PROUDLY post a racially charged comment on a racist blog.

Unfortunately, ngee shatters that near racial equality, that near raceless exchange of ideas, by needlessly introducing race.

Why make such an announcement in a racist society? One would think in a racist society such an announcement would be avoided, least one's words be ignored or ridiculed. The reality is that such an announcement is evidence of the recognition by ngee that in our society her race is to her advantage.

The end result is that ngee introduces racism for a personal gain in credibility so as to more forcefully make a dubious charge of racism.

Where are these "racist blogs" ngee referenced? None of the links in the thread lead to one that I could find. Where is the racism in Sal's comments? There was no mention of race, nor was there a reference to anything that was predominantly racial. Just what are the linkages ngee makes between Sal's comments and ngee's race?

ngee's charge of racism seems to rely entirely on accusation and a sense of personal racial credibility. However, the repercussions of the charge of racism are too great for proof to be casually cast aside. The weighty charge of racism requires a similarly weighty concrete foundation of proof upon which to rest. And what is ngee's proof? None was provided. I asked earlier in the thread for proof, but was ignored.

I don't know what to call the game ngee is playing, but the needless introduction of race into nearest thing to a raceless exchange of ideas most of us will ever experience to indignantly engage in baseless and unprovable character destruction is an ugly, ugly thing.

Example 2:
When given a choice between interpreting a term with racist intent by the author or without, a leftist racist  will choose racist intent and accuse the author of racism as we see in this thread.  Throughout the thread we can watch leftist racism in action as they attack me for the use of the word "mistral".   I reply to the charge over a handful of comments in the following way:

Okay, I googled up "minstrel" and found:

1. A medieval singer or musician, esp. one who sang or recited poetry.

2. A member of a band of entertainers with blackened faces who perform songs and music ostensibly of black American origin.

You chose option number 2.

When the greater influence in my life is Tull while the greater influence in your life is apparently "blackface" entertainment, then does that not say more of your racism than any lack thereof of mine?

Yet, you go there with your accusations. Apparently "blackface" is what comes to your mind when you see Obama and read the word minstrel. Be mindful that it is you making the connection when another could be chosen.

To jump from the term "minstrel" to racism is a bridge too far. It requires the assumption that the term is a reference to a nearly century old form of entertainment ("blackface") and then requires the application of that entertainment to a man that is neither white nor in "blackface" and then finally claim the whole convoluted process somehow says more of another's racist intent than your own.

Perhaps you should explore what darkness in you drives you to view Obama as a white man in "blackface" rather than the black man that he is.

I left the tread on this summation by Jim Langer:

So, the likely gambit was provocation. A successful one, too. Bravo. That level of intelligent discourse deserves acknowledgment.

Why do I go through the trouble? Zoe:

If the Democrats lose the black vote, they lose everything. This is why their hooks are so deep in the black community and have virtually hard-wired the black community to be loyal to them. The chains that Democrats used to put on their wrists and ankles have now been clamped onto their hearts and minds.


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