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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is the Tea Party Dead? Ben Shapiro Believes So...


I don't...

Ben uses the minutemen analogy as the way forward.

I believe that is what the Tea Party was and still is. It is a grass roots movement that can affect change not only on the local level, but at the state level in the form of congressional seats and subsequently congressional influence. That does not mean it has the power to affect change on the national level which is represented by the office of the president ... yet. Before the Tea Party can affect change at the presidential level it must become what the gentry conservatives already are ... established.

Give the Tea Party time to grow to the national level.



  1. Dead? Not yet. Groups like the Tea Party and Occupy will only die when they become main stream. It's the fight that keeps them together and the fight that keeps them apart.

  2. Agreed, Billy.

    One can not deem either the Tea Party or Occupy dead based on a perceived lack of influence in a presidential election. Both are building their establishment from which the national office of the presidency can be affected.