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Friday, March 23, 2012

5 Things Dems. Got Wrong on Health Care --



Voters would reward them, they thought, even if Democrats muscled a bill through without Republican support. It was just a matter of getting out of Washington and selling the law. Obama would lead the charge, and rank-and-file Democrats would proudly campaign on the achievement.

None of it worked out that way.

At the two-year mark Friday, nearly everything that Democrats believed about the politics of health care has turned out to be false. And the cost of those miscalculations has been huge. They have haunted Obama’s presidency, soured business as usual at the Capitol and upended the conventional wisdom peddled by political strategists, who have rarely been so wrong about something so big.

Immoral governance usually turns out this way...


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  1. This week, my household received in the mail 3 separate documents bragging about "America's New Healthcare Law" and urging people to use those benefits. These mailings are from the Democratic National Committee.