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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Progressivism and the authoritarian impulse...


Protein Wisdom:

And it is because of this — the progressives’ fidelity to a belief system that is fundamentally at odds with the idea of equality of the individual before the law — that I’ve said time and time again that modern progressivism / “liberalism” is nothing like the classical liberalism upon which this country was founded, and is in fact antithetical and hostile to the very notion of individual autonomy, and a foundational “fairness” that comes about as a result of a system of law that seeks to create an even playing field. That is, it is in a very real and strict sense un-American.

To the progressive, your social and political worth — in fact, your very claim to morality — comes from your various identity politics alliances. That is, your morality is a function not so much of what you do, but rather of where you claim to stand, and with whom.

Progressivism cares not about fairness or equality in the sense those words are used under a political paradigm that adheres to classical liberalism; instead, it seeks to redefine “fairness” and “equality” (and “tolerance”) as based on the outcomes it desires, a deconstructive procedure it then justifies by tying those outcomes to its own self-serving descriptions of what comes to count as moral. It is circular reasoning made perfect. Might makes right. The ends justify the means.

And, thus, leftists claim morality as theirs to impose and the right to acquiesce.

I reject their "morality" in which racist leftists are not racist and all conservatives are racist without need for proof.

I reject their "morality" that places the needs of a fish or spotted owl above the needs of even a single human.

I reject their "morality" that allows women to claim a "right to choose" that denies all rights to another human when  that "right to chose" is exercised.

I reject their "morality" that places the "needs of society" above, not only the needs, and desires, but the  beliefs of the individual.

I reject their "morality" that  has been balkinizing America for decades through   multiculturalism and is straining the common threads  that bind our nation together as one people.

It is the authoritarian impulse that gives rise to leftist immorality for in each case their "morality" leads to a weaker individual and a stronger state.


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