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Monday, March 19, 2012

Obamacare is an Election Year Loser, SCOTUS Pass or Not...


ObamaCare is set to face down the Supreme Court in a week or two. What are the political implications?

Charles Krauthammer says ObamaCare is unpopular because it is dog-food.

It is more than dog-food for Americans, it is dog food for the Obama campaign.

If the Supreme Court finds that Obama's signature legislation is unconstitutional, Obama will enter the November election as a greater failed president than he already is.

But what if the ObamaCare passes constitutional muster, you say?

The answer is that ObamaCare is such awful dog food not even the Supreme Court can make ObamaCare a net positive in his campaign. With the Supreme Court backing ObamaCare the Tea Party and other anti ObamaCare types will see the election as the only way to end ObamaCare. Obama will enter the November elections with a Tea Party on steroids.

There is no winning on the ObamaCare issue for Obama.


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