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Monday, March 19, 2012

Daily Kos' Proper Orwellian Speech to Mold the Minds of the Masses...


Kos endeavors to teach proper Soviet era Orwellian terminology to his athoritarian  flock...

  •  Never say Entitlements –Instead, say Earned Benefits.
 Uh, there is nothing earned for work not done and work done previously was paid for...

  •   Never say Redistribution of Wealth –Instead, say Fair Wages For Work.
Dollars received from redistribution are not wages and are not fair to those who do works.

  • Never say Employer Paid Health Insurance. - Instead, say Employee Earned Health Insurance.
Nothing is earned that is mandated.

  •  Never say Government Spending. - Instead, say The People Are Investing.
No.  The People are  being taxed and the government is spending those taxed dollars as government spending.

  • Never say Corporate America. –Instead, say Unelected Corporate Government.
Huh? Unelected government?  The only place I see that is in Obama's Czars and non recess "recess appointments".

Authoritarian Statists every last one of them...


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