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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Liberal Arrogance on Parade ...



Liberals have this conceit that if you were really smart you would be a liberal. So they tend not to listen or comprehend arguments they disagree with. That is why they were so shocked by what happened at the Supreme Court. They discovered that they had not give their advocates much to work with so they stumbled through the questions of the court. You could also tell from the liberals on the court that they thought the law would be found unconstitutional and they were trying desperately to save parts of it.

It was not so much a matter of conservatives on the court being political, although liberals losers are already starting to suggest this. It was the force of the reason within their questions that had supporters of the law reeling.

I have noticed this in common conversation whether it be face to face or via the anonymity of blog discussion sites. Total arrogance.



  1. Notice how the meme among these self-entitled is that the Solicitor General "screwed up". That will be the excuse given if the court performs the much-needed mercy killing of Obamacare.

  2. I saw the court referred to as the "Tea Party Court" somewhere.

    Assuming ObamaCare goes down I believe they will also attempt to attack court credibility by labeling it extremist for looking to the Constitution.

  3. And of course, SCOTUS will be an "activist" court for finding something to be unconstitional.

    This would all be extremely and ridiculously funny if the implications for our nation and our people were not so serious.

  4. I don't think they understand the activist court complaint.