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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Social Cost of False Media Narratives That Power the Political Power of Leftist Hate ...


Victor Davis Hanson:

So far all that is clear is that there is a growing anger among African-Americans about a failure to immediately arrest the shooter that in turn is provoking an even greater backlash against the antics of Al Sharpton, the creepy bounty offered by the New Black Panther Party, and others who inflame for their own careerist advantage, and no one — not the president, not the media, not the civil rights leadership, not the politicians — seems willing or able to call for a time-out until all the facts are reviewed and released. We have collectively regressed to the days of Rodney King and the L.A. riots and the O. J. Simpson trial — or to something far worse. Hope and change came and went.

I lean toward something far worse... a repeat of 50's and 60's leftist racism. Whether it is blacks in the 50's or whites today, the left gains political power through hate.

When we look we find that racism in crime is not what is portrayed in the media. We find that Whites predominantly kill whites, blacks predominantly kill blacks and amazingly others predominantly kill others:

For visual proof of media racism we need only turn to the media narrative of Treyvon and Zimmerman. Here we find that there are two narratives, one that is years old and preferred by the media and another that is current and closer to the truth:

False narratives like this do not lead to national health. They, in fact, lead to racial division. Why? Because a group of Americans, blacks, are being told one story by the media and by the race hustlers like Shapton when the truth is much different. When this episode goes to court and if Zimmerman is found innocent blacks will feel disenfranchised due to a media lie. How much pressure will the court system feel to find Zimmerman guilty? How much did the same pressure work to OJ's advantage a decade and a half ago?

Then there is the other side, those forgotten by all but family and the courts, when our energies are focused on false racist media narratives and the battle with racist echo of a false accusation. They come from all races but most are a media footnote.

Liberals racism divides and weaken our nation.


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