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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Robin Hood Did not Simply Steal from the Rich, He Stole From Corrupt Governance...


Sherwood Forest moved from fiction to reality with the founding of America. Unfortunately over the course of time the forrest has been raised and the grounds claimed by government's merry men returning Sherwood Forrest to fiction once again.

Maura Pannington:

It may seem pointless to try to prove a fictional character’s political views, but we live in an America where public servants have painted themselves as heroes and we’ve been duped into cheering for them as our champions. They have made themselves larger-than-life in a land that was meant to be run by a limited government. They feed us stories and fables, narratives about our nation that they have written, and someone needs to inform them that they are not good writers. There are better legends out there, ones that ring true—tales of self-reliant people doing brave deeds for the sake of others who are bowed under the weight of a growing state. If we can see Robin Hood in the right light, we can see ourselves as we should: shrewd enough to discern injustice on our own and strong enough to fight it as we see fit.


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