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Friday, March 23, 2012

From Styrofoam Columns to the Keystone Pipe Photo-ops, A Styrofoam Presidency... ...


LA Times:

Earlier this year, Obama deferred the building of a pipeline from Canada's tar sands to the Gulf Coast through environmentally sensitive parts of the Midwest.

Deferred? To when?  No.  Obama nixed the Keystone pipeline.

On Thursday, he said his administration would expedite construction of the southern part of the route, starting in Cushing, Okla.

So now Obama OK's  a pipeline that begins in Canada and ends at the US/Canadian boarder, then picks up again from Oklahoma  to the south.

This sounds like two useless pipes with a big hole in the middle.

Obama has tried to strike a middle position on energy issues between Republican advocates of stepped-up drilling and environmentalists who push for a fast switch from fossil fuels to alternative sources of energy.

So, now Obama is a moderate for backtracking from extremism and leaving us with the possibility of a  useless pipe with a big hole in the middle? 

His administration's policy is "all of the above," Obama often says, backing oil production, alternative energy and increased efficiency.

Obama is finally parroting Sarah Palin's "all of the above" approach from three years ago, 

That stance has opened him to attack from both sides, as was quickly apparent with the announcement that the administration would treat the route from Cushing to Port Arthur, Texas, as a "national priority."

It seems he is even fooling the extremists with his "moderate" approach in backing the construction of a pipe with a  multi-state long hole.  If Obama is reelected, who knows when the pipe will be completed?  This so called moderate stance is in reality an election year Styrofoam gimmick.

Noting the press push on this Rush observes:

I wouldn't be surprised if Obama says, "I've laid more pipe than any president except Bill Clinton."


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