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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Anti-Fracking Canard is Dead....


Beaufort Observer:
A reliable source within the Governor's office tells us that the Governor was told by DENR sometime ago that the report was accumulating substantial scientific data that would lead to a conclusion that fracking not only can be done safely but that it holds significant economic potential for the state. Knowing that Perdue's position had been the opposite we are told DENR gave her advance notice and in effect sought clearance to release the report which would have been contrary to her position.

We are told that the evidence is so overwhelming that if Perdue stuck to her position that the report would be a major contradiction of her position. So they had two choices: Either DENR could try to kill the report, somehow; or Perdue could change her position.


Moreover, another source tells us that the first source was probably correct but that another factor came into play. It is believed that the Obama Administration is on the verge of announcing a reversal of their position on natural gas exploration, not only from fracking but also in offshore drilling. "The DOE (Department of Energy) has already sent the message that if gasoline prices continue to climb that they will change their position on fracking."

Democrat politics and economic damage go hand in in.

I would add that her flip-flop paves the way for those Democrats currently running to do so as well without accruing the same political damage they otherwise would have.



  1. Amazing that gasoline prices changes environmental facts. Fracking is either bad or harmless to the environment- independent of oil prices.

  2. One might thing anti-fracking is little more than political maneuvering when politically convenient.

  3. The message being sent to people like Obama and state "progressives" is this:

    "There's an election to be manipulated....stop the demagoguery on energy, at least until after the election."

    People like Ed Cone and his Peanut Gallery locally may not be smart enough to get that message.