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Monday, March 5, 2012

Why Do We Let the Left Rape Religion to Finance Fornication?


Ask yourself some simple questions:

  • What law precipitated this dialog?
  • Is contraception banned anywhere? 
  • Has anyone called for the banning of contraception?
  • If not, how is this a war against women?
  • How is the administration's contraceptive mandate not being forced on others?
  • How is the church's protest forcing anything on anyone?
  • Since when is the church's saying no to Obama administration rape a power play by the victim?
George Neumayr:

Babbling incessantly about a fictitious "war on women," Barack Obama and his band of hubristic hedonists play the victim even as they rape the freedom and conscience rights of the religious. Obamacare's decree that the religious pay for the promiscuity of their employees and students represents the greatest government-directed assault on religious liberty in the history of America.

The audacity of the president's secularist hope -- which is nothing more than a totalitarian power grab against the Catholic Church and other denominations -- is despicable. The GOP should apologize for nothing in this battle of the culture war and take the fight to him. Portray him every day as an enemy of religion and conscience rights. And do not surrender one inch to a mau-mauing media of anti-religious bigots who do his bidding day in and day out.

Far more troubling than Rush Limbaugh's comment about Sandra Fluke is the cowardice of country club Republicans who refuse to join the talk show host in denouncing Obama for his war on religion. If anybody deserves an apology from Rush, it is prostitutes. They pay for their birth control themselves, and, unlike Fluke, they don't demand that the clergy underwrite their carnal activities.

Let's cut the PC crap: college and law school students who demand that priests and nuns finance their fornication deserve searing satirical treatment. This is the sorriest collection of arrogant snots in the history of academia. Perhaps the sequel to "Failure to Launch" -- that Hollywood vehicle about an in-residence thirtysomething who beds women in his parents' house -- will be a pornographic film in which the aging protagonist uses the Obamacare HHS mandate to purchase an endless supply of Viagra.

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