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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Climate Models Called for an Increase in Water Vapor -- Didn't Happen -- Lex Alexander, 'Meh'....


Among the many positive feedbacks assumed by climate "scientists" in their climate models is an increase in water vapor.  It is postulated that a small increase in CO2 will result in an increase in water vapor which itself is a "greenhouse gas". Models were created predicting an increase in not just water vapor but an increase in temperature as a result of increases in CO2.  What happens when those models are compared to actual real world measurements?

The "dots" represent CO2 which has gone up.
The blue line represents relative humidity ... falling.

This represents a failure of the climate science model but triumph of science in action.  Real science is up for  falsification; false science is settled. 

That "journalists" like Lex Alexander continue to side with falsified models and attempt to halt debate with claims that Global Warming is settled science is evidence that they are not reality based.

So, when all else fails, "journalists" like Lex Alexander ignore observed reality and play politics with falsified climate assumptions and produce:

But when challenged with the notion that perhaps government spending on climate research has been omitted  Lex Alexander claims he is finished discussing facts.  Never mind he continues to post on those topics he is finished discussing.

Bound by factualized desires, the poorest journalist questions the least.  And that is what we find in Lex Alexander.


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