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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Screwing the Citizen With The Myth of "Free Contraception"...


Just as subsidized higher education has lead not to cheap education but Taj MaColleges, "free" contraceptives will lead to high priced contraceptives that grow Taj MaDrug Companies.

The myth of "free" will always screw the citizen; whether it be hustlers or government, "to good to be true" always applies and it will be the government hustlers that profit.

Tim Carney:
So rather than "free contraception," we actually have more expensive contraception, just with the cost being shared, unwittingly, by people not using contraception. And this isn't about helping the poor -- they're already covered by Medicaid. This is about the Catholic grandmother working as a secretary to help her kids afford Kindergarden tuition at St. Patrick being forced to buy birth control for the wife of the CEO who makes twenty times more.

And as Roy lays out, this amounts to a huge subsidy to the drugmakers, who backed the bill, and have spent and raised millions for Democrats in the last three elections:

If you were surprised that PhRMA, the pharmaceutical trade group, backed Obamacare, now you can see why: the HHS contraception mandate alone will be a multi-billion-dollar boondoggle for the pharma industry. If your health insurance plan allowed you to buy a television, of any price, without any cost-sharing on your part, would you buy a 13-inch CRT or a 60-inch flat screen?


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