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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rep. Bob Etheridge -- Bye Constituents, I Can't Keep The Cows Waiting....


Bob Etheridge cares about Garner NC. and its citizens this much....

Rep. Brad Miller's buddy Rep. Bob "Who are you?" Etheridge took questions from selected Garner constituents this past Tuesday. The plan was to give them 2 hours, but the event was cut short by an hour due to a few errant cows owned by Etheridge.

“Some cows at the congressman’s farm got out and he had to go back to take care of that, so he had to leave about an hour early,” said Austin Vevurka, Etheridge’s press secretary.

Bob Etheridge presumably spends extended periods living in DC, so one would assume a standard procedure for caring for his cows in his absence would be in place. Apparently such precaution was not taken and the citizens of Garner suffered.

Not only did the residents suffer as a result of Etheridge's poor planning regarding his errant cows, but it seems the town was not notified of his visit. Etheridge apparently did not have time to mail "invitations" to those bestowed with the gift of meeting him. A paltry turnout ensued:

In an hour, Etheridge got only a handful of visitors inside the building’s quiet study room. His office typically relies on mailed post cards to advertise the meeting, but limits associated with the upcoming election curbed that avenue this year.

There were those who did know Etheridge had planned a visit to Garner, Assistant Town Manager Rodney Dickerson and Garner Mayor Ronnie Williams. Of course, they were there to pump Etheridge for pork.

In recent weeks, the town applied for $5,550,000 in federal grants to pay for two major projects: the construction of road improvements near the exit off I-40 and Hwy 70, and advancing plans for downtown Garner projects.


Williams believes Etheridge can be an effective advocate on Garner’s behalf as the town competes with other areas in the country for a piece of $600 million in authorized federal transportation funds.

Politicians for the benefit of politicians.
Politicians for the benefit of cows.

Citizens neglected.

I have seen updates of appreciation for links before on other blogs, but this is a first for me.

Thank you, Mary Katharine Ham.


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