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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You mustn't go near a watape tree.



When the first North Carolina redistricting map came out at the beginning of July, Democrats of course bawled like stuck calves.


But then something interesting happened: Rep. GK Butterfield (D, NC-01) started complaining. Rep. Butterfield is a beneficiary (along with Rep. Mel Watts of NC-12) of the racial gerrymandering system set up in response to the Voting Rights Act; and he made some rather pointed objections to the first map, arguing that it ‘disenfranchised’ some of his former constituents by moving them into majority-white districts. North Carolinan Republicans thought about it – and must have decided that they agreed, because they went into the maps again and redrew both Butterfield’s and Watt’s districts to make them more in line with the VRA’s perceived guidelines.

Presented without comment; presented without time to do so.
Well, a small comment:

You mustn't go near a watape tree. They grab you.


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