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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Boomer Generation-- No sacrifice, But a Whole Lotta' Suck...


Flipped past another Woodstock retrospective today.

When has the boomer generation ever known sacrifice?

The Hippies are, and have been "The Man" for some time now. The national debt problem is their pig, but they refuse responsibility for it. Firmly ensconced in moral relativism they selfishly support choice over life, they choose debt over thrift, they choose "The Man" over liberty, and they push poverty on all generations, but their own.

The majority of the boomer generation never gave a thought beyond their own peers. First rejecting the thrift, success and sacrifice of the greatest generation then engorging themselves on a combination of free love, consumerism, and me-ism made possible by the very sacrifice they rejected.

They found no satiation; not in art, not in chemicals, not in communes, not in their incessant self aggrandizing through the media, not in new age nonsense. They are lost in an endless maze of perpetual selfish desire unable to find contentment.

Now with the bill for all their excess firmly on the table, they pass on their last chance at finding contentment through meaningful sacrifice as they pass that bill to subsequent generations.

Once a child, then a hippie, now the man -- perpetually living off the plate of another.

Where once churches and community helped the down trodden we now funnel that help through a soulless government.

Where once we had a melting pot we now have cultural Balkanization.

Where we once had the crisp suit of moral certitude we now have the tie-dyed confusion of moral relativism.

Never before has our country suffered a more worthless, selfish, shiftless, horrible, or gluttonous group of malcontents so intent on shifting their individual responsibility to society at large and beyond than our aging boomer generation who refused all sacrifice.

Thanks for the suck Hippies.
You truly are --- The Worst Generation.
Say no to Woodstock...


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