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Monday, July 25, 2011

Impressing the Fiscal Reality of Delayed Fiscal Coherence...


We have lived under a broken debt funded system so long we no longer recognize a functioning system when we see one.

Our representatives are in power to reconcile needs and wants with our fiscal ability to meet those needs and wants. Doing so is difficult. That difficulty combined with cheap borrowing costs has lead to an over reliance on debt rather than doing the hard work of reconciling fiscal incoherence.

What we see today, the hard and messy work of reconciling fiscal incoherence, is healthy. One party understands that, the other does not and requires the coercive fear of limited debt availability to reign in their unreal dependence on other people's money, or more accurately, another generation's prosperity.

No, it is not simple; impressing reality on the irrational rarely is.


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